Jinquan Intellgent Slide Cassette Tissue Block Storage Cabinet System

Item No.: JQ-ESC200
☆Sturdy main structure.
☆ large capacity for slides cassettes and tissue block storage.
☆ Intellgent lookup and storage system.
Description Review
 Performance characteristics introduction.
1、 The main structure of the cabinet body is welded with high load-bearing capacity cold-rolled plate, high load-bearing capacity chassis and transmission device. The frame structure is stable and sturdy, and the main body of the dense cabinet adopts the assembling method and the buried box drawer and slide drawer into modular stacking and assembling, so as to facilitate transportation and installation.
2、 The cabinet structure adopts the design of upper, middle and lower three layers, the upper layer can put pathology files, the middle layer puts wax blocks, and the lower layer stores slides, each using the least space to achieve maximum capacity.
3、can be equipped with pathology management system, support barcode, two-dimensional code scanning entry, making the work more simple and convenient.
4、 The dense cabinet body has two opening methods, electric and manual, which can be customized according to customers.
5、 electric type specimen storage intensive cabinet body with human body protection function, personnel in and out of the cabinet with infrared detection, voice prompts, in place protection and other functions, the maximum degree of protection of human safety.
6、each unit drawer with an independent lock, so that the stacked placement and cabinet movement process is not easy to get out.
7、 The embedding box and slide drawer are made of durable ABS material, which is not easy to age and ensure long-term use.
8、 The capacity ratio of the embedding box and slide can be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers, which can realize the customization of customers' individual needs.

1.Each drawer of the cabinet is equipped with a position indicator light and magnetic lock. When store or lookup, system could accurately positioned and automatically unlocked according to the indicator light, which realizes disordered storage, precise search and intelligent error prevention.
2. The cabinet structure come with upper, middle and down parts. The upper layer stores pathological files, the middle layer stores tissue blocks, and the lower layer stores glass slides. One set cabinet can store 8000 blocks and 19,800  slides max;
3.When store or lookup, the target cabinet will automatically move for operator. It could be operatored manually and electrically, and can automatically switch to manual control mode in case of power outages;
4.There are infrared indicator, voice alarm, human protection  and other functions to protect the human body at max.


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