Jinquan Cassette Slide Barcodes Batch Scanner

Item No.: JQ-ES570
☆Scanning time: 1 second / one.
☆Scanning accuracy up to 100% identification.
☆Scanning quantity: 320 embedding boxes / time, 40 slides / time.
Description Review
Scanning speed: 1 second/piece (scan a single cassette, glass slide model )
Scanning speed for one draw: 3 minutes/ tray (scanning a whole tray of cassettes and glass slide)
Capacity of tray: 320 pcs cassettes, 40 pcs slides
Power demand: 220V~240V, 50Hz
Integrate to LIS/LIS System, pathology system, etc.
Data port: USB


With extraordinary dynamic reading effect and reading depth of field, it can quickly identify damaged barcodes and QR codes, barcodes and some DPM barcodes.

Can adjust the position to indentify QR codes and barcodes, which minimizes the trouble of positioning and ensures fast and accurate reading.

The self-developed control system, with a full English interface, easy to operator, and compatible with the LIS/HIS system in hospital.

Simplify and easy to operate, one-key start, unattended, scan results will displayed on the computer system automatic.


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