Tissue Cassette Laser Printer
The Advantages of Jinquan Laser Tissue Cassette Printer

1. Reliable, High Resolution Text & Barcodes
Innovative laser printing technology that creates the precise, clean edges and clear lines a barcode requires to produce a nearly perfect scan rate throughout the tracking process. The laser printing enable high-resolution and high-content 1D and 2D barcodes, alpha numeric, graphic and logo printing.
2.Rapid Print Speed
It prints tissue cassettes at a rate of one every 3 seconds ( on-demand printing), up to 40 pcs cassettes every 1 minute (batch mode printing).  
3.Precision construction
This design results in effective movement within the instrument that reduces jamming and produces optimal scan rates of nearly 100%.
4.Ancillary Consumables Eliminated
Hot foil tape, light bulbs, ink cartridges, print heads, and filters are not necessary for Jinquan  Cassette Laser Printer. Also compatible with third-party cassettes. 

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