Tissue Cassette Laser Printer : JQ-EMR-560

Item No.: 00114
☆ Tissue Cassettes Laser Printer
☆ 6 Cassette Metal Magazines hold up to 450 cassettes.
☆ Precision construction for jam-free cassettes printing
☆ Alarm light new added
☆ Integrated into LIS System.
☆ Batch printing , 150 cassettes collecting tray
Description Review
1.Reliable, High Resolution Text & Barcodes
Innovative laser printing technology that creates the precise, clean edges and clear lines a barcode requires to produce a nearly perfect scan rate throughout the tracking process. The laser printing enable 500 dpi high-resolution and high-content 1D and 2D barcodes, alpha numeric, graphic and logo printing.
2.Rapid Print Speed
It prints tissue cassettes at a rate of 3 seconds per cassette
3.Precision construction
This design results in effective movement within the instrument that reduces jamming and produces optimal scan rates of nearly 100%.
4.Ancillary Consumables Eliminated
Hot foil tape, light bulbs, ink cartridges, print heads, and filters are not necessary for Jinquan  Cassette Laser Printer. Also compatible with third-party cassettes.
5. Design for batch printing
6 x cassettes magazines could hold up to 450 pcs cassettes and out put tray could load 150 pcs cassettes.

1.6 Color Laser Printing (ribbon or cartridges free ), no extra consumable material.
2.Patented-designed software system enable high-resolution and high-content 1D and 2D barcodes, alphanumeric, graphic and logo printing, can be integrated into HIS and LIS environment.
3. 500 DPI High Resolution printing. Print is permanent and resistant to chemical degradation.
4.Precision construction for jam-free cassette printing.
5. Patented-designed cassettes per-load and load system for easy print reading and access.
6. Low work noise 65dB, meet the hospital pathology and labs environment requirement.
7. 6 per-load clear magazines load 6 different color cassettes for efficient workflow.
8. On-demand or batch mode printing, high printing speed up to 20 cassettes per minute.
9. Can be connected to external scanner for instant scanning.
10.Compatible with third-party cassettes and design for large printing.

Jinquan Tissue Cassette Laser Printer

Model : JQ-EMR560

Dimensions(LxWxH): 540x400x440mm, 21.3x15.8x17.4inch
Net Weight: 40Kg 
Power requirements: AC,220-240V, 50/60 Hz, 350Watts
Laser Model: Ultraviolet Laser
Laser Power: 1 Watt
Work Noise: 65dB
Data interface: USB2.0
Cassette Printing Speed: 3 seconds per cassette 
Print options: Alphanumeric, 1D and 2D barcodes, graphics and logos
Number of Hoppers : 6 clear hoppers for cassettes with or without lids
Cassette capacity per hopper: 75 pcs cassettes per hoppers
Total cassette capacity: 450 pcs cassettes
Cassette loading: Robotic
Output tray capacity: 150 cassettes

This is the new version of original EMR560, the differences between them are as follows:
The surface of the new version is more beatiful and streamlined.
Add alarm functions.
The new added alarm lights show the reasons of printer malfunction

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