Histology Tissue Freezer-FAC100

Item No.: JQ-FAC100
☆ Ultra-low temperature  to  - 100 ℃/ 148℉
☆ No crystalization
☆ Perfect effect on tissue from fat, brain, hydatoncus
☆ Best option for frozen section
Description Review

Name Jinquan Fast Tissue Chiller Features
Model: JQ-FAC100

  1. Jinquan Tissue Chiller adopt Stirling refrigerate technology enable the tissue block to go though ice generate temperature zone 0to -7/ 32- 19.4rapidly
  2. Adopt coolant liquid to freeze normal tissue and soft tissue like fat, cyst, brain tissue. No need to prepare dry ice or liquid-nitrogen and no need to use cryostat microtome to refrigerate tissue. No ice in the finished tissue microscope slides.
  3. One-key to switch on, self service mode. The real-time freezing temperature is displayed on the touch screen.
  4. With auto turn-on and auto turn-off function. The turn ON/OFF time can be set arbitrarily within 24 hours.
  5. Freeze time countdown, voice alarm function to various tissue block, user-defined count down time , 2 individual tissue time counting function.
  6. Directly set target freeze temperature, also could adjust the temperature by touch screen buttons.
  7. 4.5'' touch screen for full function easy operation.
  8. 2 individual tissue freeze bath and individual SN. Coolant liquid is easy to replace and empty.
  9. Individual slot for tissue cassettes and Pinch-off-Tools.
  10. Max freeze temperature is -100/ -148℉
  11. Cooling Down Rate: from 20~ - 50 cost less than 25 minutes
  12. ROSH certificated coolant liquid.
  13. Net weight is less 12Kg/ 26.5 Ibs, easy to lift and move.
  14. Footprint Dimensions(LxWxH): 235x230x465mm, 9.25x9.0x18.3inch
  15. Self defined pass code, time display, mute, screensaver, screen brightness setting.
  16. Tissue tray could load 2 block for smooth and high quality tissue freezing.
  17. CE certificated and thirty party test report.

Product Name: Jinquan Histology Tissue Chiller Freezer Digital Freezing Bath Compact with Screen Handle
Model: JQ-FAC100

Dimensions(LxWxH): 235x230x465mm, 9.25x9.0x18.3inch
Net Weight: 12Kg/ 26.5 Ibs
Power requirements: AC,220-240V, 50/60 Hz, 80Watts
Working Temperature: 15~ 30, 59~86(Machine cost 1-2 minutes to preheat if under recommend working temperature)
 Freeze Temperature Range : 0~ - 100/ 32 ~ -148
Temperature Accuracy: ±1
Cooling Down Rate: it takes 25 minutes from 20~ - 50 ℃ 

Freeze model :Stirling refrigerate 80Watts
Freeze tank: 2 tanks
Resetting Model: 4 pcs
Work Noise: 65dB
4.5 Touch Screen Operation
Foldable Handle
Certification: CE

Packing Information:
Packing Size
Net Weight: 12Kg/ 26.5 Ibs
Packing Includes:
1x Jinquan Fast Chiller
1x stainless steel tissue block clipper
1x tissue Stand
1x freezer bath ( 2 individual bath)
1X stainless steel tray
2X freeze bath cover
1x power adaptor
1X User Manual
1X Certification



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