Individual drip stainer and coverslipper

Item No.: 00115
Seven-function modules
☆The trays portals
☆The dryer module prior to stain
☆The individual drip module
☆The coverslipper module
☆The trays queuing module
☆The fluidics module
☆The waste capture module
Description Review

China’s first fully automated individual drip HE stainer and coverslipper


20pcs slides loaded on one tray

Fully automated dual-channel loading, one batch 200pcs slides loaded.

Priority stain function

Set up different stain protocols on request

Fully automatic identification scan

Multiple queuing positions

Double interchangeable dryers modules

Self-developed environmentally friendly reagents

Fluid channel controlled by micro pump and electromagnetic, more precise dosage.

One channel for one reagent, no cross contamination between reagents.

Real time custody of workflow and reagents balance.

Negative pressure vacuum blower, no waste residue.

Fully automated coverslipper module

Slides loaded on demand, maximum 600pcs loaded at a time.

Fully automated individual drip stain

New technique newly formulated reagents

Even and consistent dye

More efficient coverslipper

Easier to view slides

Reasonable price and affordable

Real fully automated individual drip HE stainer and Coverslipper


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