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Exhibition Preview丨[Jinquan Medical 2024 Dubai Medical Exhibition] Gather momentum,move forward and keep making progress!

The 2024 Arab International Medical Laboratory Instruments and Equipment Exhibition will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center) from Feb. 5th to 8th. At this exhibition, Jinquan Medical booth Z2 A11. It will be the first time for us to showcase one and only fully automatic QR code batch scanner of block and slide, laser cassette printer and laser slide printer ranking No.1 market share, domestic first tissue flash freezer and specific protein analyzer .

Dubai International Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (Medlab Middle East) was founded in 1984. As the world's largest laboratory specialty exhibition, the exhibition will attract 35,000 visitors from 46 countries to visit and purchase. Exhibitors will bring more world-leading laboratory instruments and products through the exhibition platform, making Medlab a leading exhibition in the laboratory equipment and inspection industry in the Middle East.

Exhibited products

1. Fully automated QR code batch scanner

A unique instrument at home and abroad, it can swap scanning blocks and slides, truly enable dual-use in one machine.

Compatible with fully automated block and slide storage cabinet system

2. Laser cassette/slide printer

Capturing No.1 market share in China 5 years in a row and has been validated by more than 1,000 labs globally.

With flexible compatibility and diversified patterns, Able to meet more than 99% of pathology industry needs.

3. Tissue biopsy(specimen) rapid frozen device

Unique at home and abroad, it can quickly freeze various conventional tissues/soft tissues.

With few ice crystals, it truly meet the need of rapid frozen specimen in surgery cancer diagnosis.

In recent years, Jinquan Medical has been intensively vigorously developing the international market, and our laser cassette printers and slide printers have gradually been recognized by the global market. Sales booming dramatically , and it has ranked impressive No.1 in export rate.

Nowadays, Jinquan's international marketing network has spreaded to more than 30 countries and regions, and established close and stable relationship with partners around the world. Jinquan Medical has always been committed to becoming a world-class manufacturer of professional pathology instruments! In the journey of global business, we have been struggling!

Company Profile:

Guangdong Jinquan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech and provincial-level specialized new enterprise specialized in R&D, production, and sales of pathology instruments and consumables. Our headquarter is located in Manjinghua Science and Technology Innovation Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, with approximate 2,700 square meters of offices and 1,200 square meters of research laboratories, more than 110 employees, and 4 subsidiaries (branch) located in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan and other places. Our factory is located in Humen, Dongguan, covering an area of about 5,000 square meters and equipped with multiple automation equipment and production lines. The company's R&D team is composed of a number of PhD and Master's students in biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, electronic engineering, information engineering, and software development, led by Visiting Scholars of Mayo Clinic in the United States. There are more than 30 R&D personnel, and R&D investment accounts for 10% of the company's annual sales revenue. Launched domestic pioneer world-class pathological instruments.

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Medlab Middle East Medlab Middle East
Dec .20.2023
Our booth information of the exhibition is as below;

Date: From 5th of Feb. to 8th of Feb., 2024.

Venue: Dubai World Trade Center 

Stand No.:  Z2.A11
Jinquan's highlight Jinquan's highlight
Oct .27.2023
Jinquan first international exhibition Medlab Middle East Dubai

We Guangdong Jinquan medical spends a lot of money on R&D, lots of internatinal business though, never participated in international exhibition.
Hereafter excited to share this stunning news here.
Explore the world and create medical innovation together - Guangdong Jinquan's first international medical exhibition in 2024. We are waiting for you in Dubai!
Dear partners:
We Jinquan is going to attend the Dubai Arab International Laboratory Instruments and Equipment Exhibition (Medlab Middle East 2024), an internationally well-known medical device leading event! Participating in this exhibition will be an important milestone for our company and an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our latest research &development, and technical strengths to the world.
As an enterprise dedicated to the research and development of pathological medical devices, we always adhere to the mission "Servicing Human Being Life and Health" and continuously promoted the process of
medical innovation. Through continuous R&D and innovation, we have updated a series of high-quality pathological medical devices to meet the growing needs for hospital units, diagnostics labs, research labs...
At this exhibition, we will showcase our industry-leading devices to the world: fully automated block&slide QR code batch scanners, UV laser cassette printer, UV laser slide printer, tissue rapid freezers, etc. The launch of these instruments not only increases pathologists’ workflow efficiency and accuracy, avoiding potential misidentify errors, but also injects new elements into the development of hospitals and laboratories.
How important to stay competitive by keeping on a continuous pursuit and innovation of technology in such increasingly fierce competition and ever-changing medical field. By cooperating with many well-known domestic pathological medical research institutes, we continue to deeper learn the latest scientific research results and constantly advance with market trends, and develop them into medical equipment with high performance practical utility.
We are excited and look forward to deeply communicating with you and together exploring the new directions of medical innovation.
Jinquan Booth No.: Z2 A11
Exhibition location: Dubai United Arab Emirates
Exhibition time: 5-8 February 2024
As a technology R&D driven company, we are continuously  committed to providing better pathological medical devices and solutions to medical institutes around the world. We firmly believe that through our unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, we can bring more advanced medical products to the world.
Thank you for your continued support and trust in us. See you in Medlab Middle East exhibition, and can’t wait to expect your visit and constructive suggestions.
Guangdong Jinquan Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Upcoming news Upcoming news
Oct .08.2023
Medlab Middle East【Stand Z2A11】
Date From: 5th Feburary 2024
Date To: 8th Feburary 2024
We are here and can’t wait to meet you, Mark your calendars.
As a fastgrowing pathological equipment manufacturer, proud that our cassette and slide printers ranking No.1 market share.
Grab this opportunity to know each other, know better about our Jinquan pathological equipments.
Welcome to share ideas, collaborate, innovate, and network with industry leaders and witness the advanced and cutting-edge technologies.